The Gay Christian Network Conference
January 8–11, 2015   ·   Portland, OR   ·   1 John 1:7a
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Beautifully different. One in Christ.

January 8–11, 2015
Portland, OR

The annual Gay Christian Network conference brings hundreds of Christians from all backgrounds together for fellowship, worship, support, Bible study, and more.

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$175 through January 2
I’ve never attended a Christian conference so energized by the Spirit, so devoid of empty showmanship or preoccupation with image, so grounded in love and abounding in grace.
Rachel Held Evans, New York Times best-selling author and blogger

Fantastic speakers and performers

The GCN conference attracts keynote speakers, performers, and presenters from a variety of perspectives, known nationally and internationally for their faith work.

Jeff Chu

Jeff Chu Gay Christian journalist and author of Does Jesus Really Love Me?

Danny Cortez

Danny Cortez Southern Baptist pastor and parent

Vicky Beeching

Vicky Beeching British theologian, singer/songwriter, and media personality

Justin Lee

Justin Lee Founder and executive director of The Gay Christian Network

Wendy Gritter

Wendy Gritter Executive director of New Direction Ministries of Canada

Youngest Son

Youngest Son Personal, story-driven indie-folk band

Justin Ryan

Justin Ryan Nashville-based gospel singer/songwriter

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