January 7–10, 2016  ·  Houston, TX

The annual GCN Conference brings hundreds of Christians of all ages and backgrounds together for support, engagement, and more. This year, discover what’s next for the LGBT faith community—and for you.

All Are Welcome in Houston at the GCN Conference

Following the disappointing news about the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), we at The Gay Christian Network, along with the mayor of Houston and our partner venues, want to assure you that the GCN Conference remains a safe space for all in the LGBT community—and that you are welcome in Houston.
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Letter from the Hilton Americas

Featuring Mary Lambert In Concert

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Fantastic Speakers

The GCN Conference attracts keynote speakers, performers, and presenters from a variety of perspectives, known nationally and internationally for their faith work.

Allyson Robinson

Allyson Robinson Baptist preacher and national trans leader

Broderick Greer

Broderick Greer Episcopal curate and social justice advocate

Misty Irons

Misty Irons Nationally-acclaimed blogger and theologian

Justin Lee

Justin Lee Founder and executive director of The Gay Christian Network

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I’ve never attended a Christian conference so energized by the Spirit, so devoid of empty showmanship or preoccupation with image, so grounded in love and abounding in grace.
Rachel Held Evans, New York Times best-selling author and blogger